Principal Investigator

Dr. Greeshma Gadikota

Research Interests: Developing clean methods for producing clean energy carriers such as hydrogen,  while at the same time capturing and converting the carbon dioxide created into a useful and environmentally harmless solid. One thread of her research involves using X-ray scattering, tomography and spectroscopy techniques to observe chemical reactions as they happen, possible allowing researchers to develop a method of producing hydrogen without creating greenhouse gases. More broadly, Gadikota would like to develop a method for observing the reaction environments for any solid-liquid-gas system. Gadikota is also studying the feasibility of pulling acid gases from dilute and heterogeneous gas streams and understanding how reactive fluids and solids behave in extreme subsurface and engineered environments.

PhD and MS Students

Hassnain Asgar

Hassnain Asgar

Research: involves understanding the influence of confinement geometry and chemistry on the organization of confined fluids for different energy and environmental applications.

Xun Gao

Research: the carbon mineralization project, especially the carbon capture mechanism of magnesium-based minerals.

Meishen Liu

Research: Include developing an advanced understanding of chemo-morphological coupling in reaction environments involving CO2 and developing coupled reaction pathways for the low temperature integrated CO2 capture, conversion, and storage.


Sohaib Mohammed

Research: Focuses on understanding the properties and phase change of confined fluids and the driven- and self-assembly of colloids at immiscible liquids interfaces.

Prince Ochonma

PhD in Chemical Engineering


Shufan Yin

Research: Focuses on developing modified steel mesh for the rapid removal of oil contaminants from water.

Tianhe Yin

Research: Focuses on the carbon dioxide capture based on calcium-contained materials as well as the synthesis and application of calcium carbonate product.

Undergrad students

Claire Blaudeau

Environmental Engineering, 2023

Allison Hohenshil

Chemical Engineering, 2023


Erin Huang

Chemical Engineering, 2022